helping organizations, teams, and individuals take their work to new levels of success by identifying, languaging, and leveraging their strengths
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Why us?

We’ve been there. 

We’ve worked in the mail room and the Board room. We’ve gotten adolescents to do jumping jacks and brought home millions of dollars in grants. In every project we take on, we bring to bear decades of experience in the field, at boots-on-the-ground and top leadership levels.

We believe in you. 

A foundational tenet of Appreciative Inquiry, the basis for our practice, is that the answers you seek lie in your stories, your experiences. We provide the framework, the structure, even the data and research to flesh out a path or plan -- but the power and knowledge needed to move forward lives in you. 

We believe in having fun. 

One of the things we hear most from clients is that working with ASG is a joy. We see possibilities everywhere. We know that growth and change is always possible, because we see it every day. 

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