helping organizations, teams, and individuals take their work to new levels of success by identifying, languaging, and leveraging their strengths



Strategic planning doesn’t have to be painful to be powerful.

ASG builds strong, visionary plans that meet the specific and evolving needs of each organization we take on. The process is as juicy and energizing as the product, as we explore possibilities, mine the existing knowledge base, and come to understand ourselves and our place in the world in clearer and more refined ways. 

All plans and planning processes are fully customized, and utilize a three-step inquiry-based process:

(1) Fundamental clarification -- What do we essentially believe as an organization? What kind of world do we fundamentally aspire to create? (mission/vision/core values/core belief statement) 

(2) Data gathering -- What strengths do we possess? What opportunities can we seize? 

(3) Planning for action -- How can we have the greatest impact? What capacities and resources do we have and need? How will we know we have succeeded?

ASG also works with clients to operationalize and create systems to ensure progress on their existing strategic plans, create bridge plans during times of transition, or develop targeted strategies for departments, teams, or projects.