helping organizations, teams, and individuals take their work to new levels of success by identifying, languaging, and leveraging their strengths
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People take jobs for the cause, and they stay for the people. 

Effective interpersonal relationships, especially at the leadership level, are the backbone of any successful organization. ASG's team-building work can improve the functioning of any team, but we specialize in taking leadership teams (Boards, executive, and managerial) to higher levels of success and smooth operations. 

The Working Hour is an energizing, interactive one-hour session through which group members mine stories of success to identify their Success Types and explore how their role as a carpenter, magician, assassin, or one of 17 other types informs their work style and team dynamics. This fast-moving, fun, and informative hour can be customized to focus on group cohesion, individual exploration, or both. 

The Working Self for Teams is a scalable team retreat model running between four and 12 hours. Through the customized Working Self retreat process, our coaches lead teams through a shared process of exploring the best of who they are and have been in work settings, the work contexts in which they have thrived and why, and the core characteristics of their Working Selves.

We then work one-on-one with each retreat participant to craft their Working Self statement, and bring the group together to share, discuss, and explore ways in which these Working Self statements can support positive accountability, powerful leadership, and increasingly effective team functioning.

​We also create customized sessions and retreats using Appreciative Inquiry to address specific opportunities and concerns such as cross-department silos, communication processes, organizational culture shifts, and more.  

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